I’m now offering a number of face to face sessions at my home-based office. These are offered on a first come, first served basis. As we’ve all had to accept over the last two years, Covid is highly unpredictable but hopefully the worst of the pandemic is behind us. Nothing can be taken for granted however and any updates on Covid precautions will be posted here and on my Counselling Southsea Facebook page. I will continue to offer online sessions for anyone who wishes to work that way.

Vaccination status

As a client, it’s very important that you feel confident about and safe with the therapist you’re working with; for this reason, I’m upfront and transparent about my personal vaccination status which is that I’m fully vaccinated and have had the booster jab. As we now know, this does not mean that someone can’t get ill or pass on the virus but it does offer high levels of protection and reduces the risk of onward transmission.

I won’t be asking you as my client to disclose your personal status; it will be up to you whether to disclose that. However I do ask that you don’t attend sessions in person if you’re unwell in any way or, obviously, if you or someone in your household has tested positive for Covid. In this situation, sessions can take place on Zoom if you’re feeling well enough.

If you’re clinically vulnerable, simply worried about sitting in a therapy room, or live too far away to make in person sessions viable, I will continue to offer sessions on Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Covid-19 mitigation measures

These are the measures I have put in place:

  • Physical distancing in the therapy room of 1.5 metres between your seat and mine
  • The room is aired for at least 30 minutes between clients
  • Please bring your own bottled water and tissues
  • There is a HEPA air filter machine in the room to improve air quality and reduce the level of airborne particles including allergens, bacteria and viruses
  • Unfortunately I won’t be able to offer bathroom facilities

If you have any questions about my Covid-19 policy or on any other aspect of my work, please do drop me a line.
Take good care