I offer a short-term counselling program for couples which is based on a type of psychotherapy called ‘Transactional Analysis’. The aim is to help any two individuals in a relationship to really hear and understand each other better, and to learn more effective ways of communicating with each other so that you don’t find yourselves repeating the same unhelpful arguments or impasses over and over again.

Couples counselling is suitable for any two people in a relationship e.g brother and sister, mother and son, two colleagues at work, friends etc as well as for romantic or sexual partners, whether married, co-habiting or living separately.

An 8-session counselling program for couples

Sometimes we can become trapped in destructive patterns of behaviours and arguments that seem to endlessly repeat without any way out. Perhaps you’re part of a couple who:

  • constantly argue over how to parent your children;
  • have drifted apart and are considering separating;
  • are reeling from infidelity and struggling to rebuild trust;
  • repeatedly clash over money and what to do with it;
  • are overwhelmed with caring responsibilities for older relatives or a disabled child;
  • are caught up in arguments over how to live life after retirement etc.

Or perhaps you’re a parent whose relationship with your adult child has become too difficult, distant or filled with blame, guilt or recrimination and you would like help to put it on a kinder, more compassionate footing.

Couples counselling can help with all of these difficulties.

The couples counselling program offers 90-minute sessions every 2-3 weeks. The gap gives you time to practice the new skills and understandings that you’ll learn in the sessions. It does require commitment and a willingness to try out new ways of relating to each other – skills that I’ll introduce to you. The sessions themselves provide a safe, confidential space where you can talk in depth about the difficulties you’re having, each of you being given equal time to express how you feel.

Often in our adult life, we repeat the patterns of relationships that we saw when we were much younger; how often do you find yourself saying (e.g in an argument) ‘You sound just like your father!’, or ‘Stop treating me like a child!’ As children, we absorb messages and ‘rules for living’ that can get in the way of forming strong healthy relationships as adults. This counselling program will help you understand yourself and your partner better, so that you can make calmer ‘here and now’ decisions rather than reacting from what has happened in the past.

If you would like to book an assessment session, please send me an email via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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