Libby Webber, counsellor

I offer a confidential counselling service to individuals and couples seeking professional help with issues including relationship problems, emotional wellbeing, unresolved issues from childhood and anxiety.

I am currently offering a limited number of face to face sessions at my home-based office in Southsea, as well as ongoing online sessions using Zoom for anyone who prefers or is restricted to working that way. I have Covid-mitigation measures in place; you can find more information about these here.

How I can help you

You may be struggling with any one of a wide range of problems, or a combination of several different things, for example:

  • Anxiety
  • self doubt
  • workplace stress
  • depression
  • being stuck in a rut
  • midlife crisis
  • relationship problems
  • bereavement or loss
  • ruminating or general worry
  • problems arising from childhood bullying or abuse, etc

Counselling can help you as an individual untangle some of these problems, gaining perspective, acceptance and a renewed sense of engagement with life.

If you’re part of a couple, you may recognise some of these common problems that I see in couples work:

  • Difficulty in communicating with each other
  • the aftermath of an affair
  • ongoing arguments about childcare or money
  • differences in your hopes and dreams for the future
  • disagreements over retirement plans
  • a sense of drifting apart, etc

For couples, counselling can help you work through the problems in your relationship, learning how to really hear and understand each other so that you can make decisions together.

If you have any questions about whether counselling might be right for you – either as an individual or as a couple – please contact me to arrange an initial consultation (a free of charge 10-minute phone-call or Zoom) or to book a first session. I can usually book an appointment within about a week, but at busy times it can be a little longer.

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